After Dinner Speaker: …and I hope that there are members of LUSCR who will go on to become great ringing characters.
James Ramsbottom: Hello!


MC: …and you and your partner will then do a right-handed swing.
(James and Annelise start to practice this ceilidh manoeuvre)
Annelise: Are we going all the way?
James: I’ll go all the way if you want me to.


Jon Calvert:  ‘ Tom….I think I may be a complete idiot…I was under the impression that St. Alban’s was in Leeds. St. Alban’s isn’t in Leeds is it Tom?’


Waiter (with a lunch order): Faggots?
Crocker: Here!
A bit later, Crocker explained his choice…
Crocker: I quite like faggots.
Tom:  So why didn’t you look at Cambridge Major for tonight?
Louise:  Because I was cooking you dinner!
Adam:  Are you fiddling with it again?
James:  No, it came out so I’m putting it back in again.
(We were discussing tail- ends. Obviously)
Jon C: We’ll start with something simple…..Cambridge and Yorkshire spliced.
Dot: James, are you fingering them all until you find one you like?
(Discussion about the tower sweets)
(One cold December morning…)
Adam: Can we see your breath Dot?
(Awkward pause)
Dot: Sorry, I misheard you!
(As the call changes Annelise was calling started to get rather messy…)
Adam: Call them back into rounds.
(Pause for thought)
Annelise: Rounds!
Katie: I quite like any muscle wherever it is!
James:  Sorry I’m late – I’ve been at work.
LUSCR:  What have you been doing?
James: Working.
James, about the NUA:  I suggest a change of underwear.
Katie (to Adam, drinking wine straight from the bottle):  And I suppose drinking wine out of a glass is too pretentious?
Adam: Quite.
Tom (to Louise):  I did what you want to do for a living.
Louise:  You worked with your Mum?
Hannah: now that I’m a student my aunt is like “we should go out and have a girls night out!”
Jon: my aunt does that…
Adam: “My back up has gone off with my first choice.  Men!” *sigh*