We are busy planning future events, which will appear below. Currently we have:

GIAG (Give It A Go): On Monday 29th January, we are hosting our second GIAG session of the year, and is the perfect opportunity to give bellringing ago with our experienced instructors. Session starts at 7:30pm, with demonstrations, tower tours and trying the art of bellringing will all be on offer. Come and have a go at some proper heavy metal.

The 59th LUSCR Dinner – This was held on November 25th 2017. We had a delicious menu involving pork and chocolate fudge cake (not together), a story on Gerald the Giraffe not being able to dance (take note MUSCR) and our usual Shindig Ceilidh, which is always great fun. Thanks to the towers of Guiseley, Far Headingley, Calverley and Headingley for opening for the day tour, and special mention to Calverley for our Presidential Stay Break. Look forward to our 60th bash in 2018.

The 60th LUSCR Dinner – This also means that 2018 marks the 60th year of LUSCR. Please let a member of the committee know if you are interested in this event, and keep an eye out for future events to help mark this great milestone in LUSCR’s history.

NUA 2018 – A major event in Northern Uni ringing societies is the Annual NUA (Northern University Association), where all northern Universities (occasionally with some southern ones gatecrashing as it’s that good) come together for ringing, drinking and socialising, usually based in a church hall for the evenings. For 2018, York was chosen to host,  and we look forward to going. For 2017, NUSCR (Nottingham University Society of Change Ringers) were chosen as hosts to organise the NUA in and around Nottingham.

***NUA records broken by LUSCR***

LUSCR had a very successful NUA weekend. A new look boat race team, 2 experienced members of previous multiple title winning teams with two NUA debutants, dominated the rest of the competition to give LUSCR their 6th NUA Boat Race title in a row, and 7 titles in total, since winning our first in Nottingham 10 years ago in 2007. It was an impressive performace, including a rumoured sub 6 second pint. Here is to next year’s NUA in York.

LUSCR predicting the future
LUSCR at the 2017 NUA in Nottingham

Past events – LUSCR is a very active society, holding a variety of other events on top of Monday practice at St. Matthias, Burley. We hold an Annual Otley Run into Leeds, usually at the end of the summer term, games nights, the Christmas Party, as well as joining in with other uni societies through their Dinners and other ringing events, as well as joining in with the local ringing scene of the Leeds and District Branch of the Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers.







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